Confronted for my lack of confrontation

Confronted for my lack of confrontation

Not only was I faced with the very action avoided

But also with the blatant artistry of my avoidance

As if my endorsement of conflict should be commonplace

Since when did I fall down the pit of conscience?

Since when did I project any idea of conflict down into oblivion?

Since when did I mute any unpleasant confrontations?

Since when did I come to believe that silence was better than truth?

In between innocence and experience, the age of the too old or young no matter what

When one learns to no longer kick, to no longer shout

so to have one’s needs met; there and then was I taught that flexibility

meant to put one’s desires away so to embrace the accommodating mantra

As experience relearns to cohabit with innocence,

Perhaps tantrums shall be back in vogue, screaming and rolling on the floor,

or for the time being, I shall confront the emotions found in my own soul