From now on be my partner

Dernière mise à jour : 6 nov. 2018

A father figure around a dining table,

wanting to share a life’s lesson with an eighteen-

year-old: talents, you see, we’ve all received,

whichever ones you got, how few or how many,

this is not the point, what you do with them is

Don’t be the fool who buries them, and makes

sure they’re all hidden away. That’d be a crime!

This “play-it-safe” is the very opposite of what’s

expected of you. How’s the boss gonna say “Good work!

You did your job well. From now on be my partner”?

Take risks, trusting that what you’ve got in your hands,

what you’ve been given as gift is for the here and now,

be obedient and faithful with it, how small or how big it might be.

Care, tend, nurture, create beauty, imagine and envision,

Participate in this much greater dance that is the Triune life

* * * * *

"Désormais, sois mon partenaire!" C'est une invitation à participer à la grande danse de la vie trinitaire avec ce que Dieu nous a donné, nos talents, petits ou grands. C'est une invitation à ne pas les enterrer. C'est une invitation, transmise de génération en génération, à prendre des risques, à créer, à prendre soin, à nourrir la beauté. Une invitation à imaginer et insuffler une vision.