Joy and Grief Intertwined

Overwhelming emotions lurking in the horizon

A storm emerging from the depths of the heart

Will it become thunder or spare us from destruction?

But sleep like a sedative soothes the mind in just one dart

When waking in the morning, O God, I seek you

My hope is find in you, and my thoughts are at peace

But as the day goes by, the emotions appear anew

A concoction too wide and intense to lay under a fleece

Just as outside voices rejoice while watching fireworks

while inside a son says the eulogy of his obedient father

joy and grief intertwined with one another, shaped us in our core

So to choose to be present when avoidance and escape seem better

Laying us down in peace to take our rest, trusting then that

Safe dwelling comes from you, as you see us through

Remembering your Son, as an anchorite used to advocate

“What heart might not break when one thinks of you?”

* * * * *

Ce poème exprime le tissage complexe que forme la peine avec la joie au fil de la journée et qui découvre son fil rouge dans la mémoire du Fils, serviteur souffrant. "Quel cœur ne se briserait quand il pense à toi?"