Liminal places

Liminal places, light and darkness in our surrounding

When speaking with honesty leads us to great calamity

Our Father, exalted One, may you give us peace this day

Take the tears of our eyes and make them yours

Liminal places, where pain is acute as a blade in our heart

When gasping for air, leads us to chocking up

Our Father, Giver of life, may you give us strength this day

Take the seizing up of our throats and make them yours

Liminal places, when time seems to have come to a stop

Suspended, broken, shattered as a glass dropped from the third floor

Our Father, Healer of wounds, may you give us comfort this day

Take the increasing void in our hearts and make it yours

Liminal places, where cacophony, lullabies and masterpieces cohabit

Hollow sounds, noises, rhythm the deafening silence of our hearts

Our Father, Conductor of souls, let us hear you this day

Take the overwhelming discord agitating us and make it yours

Never such pain was felt, never such tears were shed

Than the ones that you endured, so that our tears, the seizing up

of our throat, the void of our hearts and its discord

Could be redeemed and consoled, so that we may hope,

Hope, in the midst of our suffering, in you, alone