New life

New life; amazement fills the room,

wonder read on all the faces, deep

thankfulness irradiates the place

The son who was lost was welcomed home

New birth; awe in the eyes of fathers and mothers

astonishment as one responds to life’s miracle

gratefulness permeates the room

The child long awaited for is finally here

Both prodigal children and newborns, indwelt

by his presence, the spirit’s power at work

In the perfection of the moment, in the exaltation of all the senses,

In the liminality of our incredulity becoming our own reality

both children point beyond their miracle birth

To the loving Craftsman who turns any ashes into beauty

NDLR: Une nouvelle vie, une nouvelle naissance, la puissance de l'Artisan aimant qui transforme les cendres en beauté.