Patience mingled with hope

A staggering hope like a flame,

grasping for oxygen,

in need of compassion and protection

lying beyond herself

in the hearts of those who love

in the heart of Him

This hope, in the frost of mid-winter,

is sealed away, as if to be preserved,

demarcating its heavenly nature

from its earthly reality

holding on the tension of the already

and not yet

Waiting for a rose to bloom

a rainbow to pierce through the clouds

not by enduring passively

but by relinquishing one’s control,

by gazing beyond the sign

so to perceive a glimpse of His doing

Patience mingled with hope as spiritual discipline

enabling humility of heart to set in

surrendering darkness so to cling onto the light

Perseverance in obedience even when in doubt

learning how to sit still and to wait,

waiting on Him who is the way