Peppermint Tea

Sitting around a square table in a lively kitchen taken over by bright minds

As my ears start ringing, I am transposed to a different continent, back in time

How could words be so powerful so to recreate an old memory turned into ashes,

the taste of a Mediterranean watercress soup with roasted corn, and bread in batches

The table is small and oval in its nook, crowned by countless hanging mugs.

The house of the thirty seconds showers and the Eminem painting looking like a pug,

its eclectic atmosphere, its quaintness and run-down feel seem like a present reality

A vivid recollection of something simple as an ordinary meal in all its routine normality

The unconscious memory re-emerging, as if the past could break into the present

somehow bending the laws of nature, setting us free from nostalgia and its imprisonment

A madeleine dipped in a cup of tea meant that Proust’s childhood could be revived

The unexpected combination of words triggering a consciousness lost in the past

Abruptly brought back by the sound of chattering and glasses of coke being emptied

The phrase echoes as if turned into a spinning thought: “Any milk in your peppermint tea?”

* * * * *

"Peppermint Tea" est un poème qui explore la force du souvenir alors qu'il émerge dans le tissu trivial de la vie ordinaire et nous transporte dans un ailleurs et un autre temps. Ces moments se superposent au détour d'une phrase qui relie passé et présent: "Prendrez-vous un peu de lait dans votre thé menthe?"