Silence followed, as people closed their eyes

the sound of a military trumpet behind their ears

solemnity spread rapidly among their peers

while remembrance was on all people’s faces

Remembering those who left the warmth of a home,

a future full of hope, for the service of others,

Remembering those who lost themselves abroad,

Having encountered a void so to never fully recover

Remembering the tears of those who were torn apart

those whose grief could never disappear

Remembering those who, in suffering and pain,

go on living while learning to have hope again

Remembering those who became instruments

of God’s peace, sowing love, pardon and faith

following St. Francis; loving, forgiving, trusting at his pace,

and knowing that in dying, they’d be born to life eternal

Today, by the street of St. Ebbes, they pledged

themselves anew, to the service of God and neighbour

to help, encourage, comfort and love others,

trusting to see one day, he who makes all things new

Pledging to practice the resurrection they witnessed,

today, they shall remember; the silence, the grief

as they wait with anticipation for their glorified Beloved