The control of one mere thing

Slippery, nothing concrete; one’s own reality

has embraced a state of limbo unwillingly

the ice cream in front of you having come to melt,

you are deemed to endure disappointment and regrets

When controlling the elements is as far as the milky way

when one’s life cannot be an ever changing screenplay

one has to admit that a sense of control would benefit

whoever is sliding down a slope and should be at the summit

It might appear in the way of a laptop desktop, sleek

and clean of any running files; it might appear in the critique

of a beloved reasoning; it might appear in the tidiness

of a bedroom or in the rationing of food to excess

When all is immersed in a cloud of unknowing

just as the dawn fails to break through the thickness

of the morning fog, the knowledge of one’s restlessness

turns the control of one mere thing into blessing