The mystery of Light

Dernière mise à jour : 22 nov. 2018

Lights all around

Brightening up the streets

Whether cars, lamp stands, the tube or winter wonderland in Hyde Park

Lights all around

Brightening up people’s homes

Whether outdoor light, or front room light

Whether in Elephant and Castle or in South Ken

Light so to see the neighbour in the car

Light so to see the mother resting in the living room

Light to see the reader on the train

Light so to see the father in the busy kitchen

Light so to see the toddler at the park

Light to see the siblings playing piggy-back in their bedroom

Light inviting us in someone else’s reality

Light so to acknowledge that we can see

Light to reaffirm that we share a common humanity

Light that is shed on loving families

Light to bring warmth into obscurity

lights reminding us that goodness is among our midst

lights connecting us to a greater Light

lights inviting us to partake in the mystery of Light vanquishing obscurity

NDLR: Ce poème nous invite à observer les lumières qui nous entourent. Aux portes du temps de l'Avent, la saison pré-hivernale nous incite à les remarquer. Elles aussi préparent un chemin vers celui qui est la Lumière, celle du mystère qui bannit l'obscurité.