The soul’s necessity

Carved in the very depths of humanity

one finds a desire for sublimity and eternity

so to partake in a supernatural reality

through whom all things are made in glory

From him, through him and in him all things are,

holding space and time in one regard,

sustaining all of the living from within and from afar,

pronouncing Love’s arrival as the Bethlehem star

on one’s knees in the quiet of the night

like fire purifying needles in the sunlight

ready to pluck and settle harmful flaws aright

all necessary to gaze in holiness at the ineffable

NDLR: Ce poème décrit ces moments sublimes où le sacré se répand sur notre humanité, répondant à notre soif d'éternité. "A genoux, dans le silence de la nuit"... cette rencontre se raconte comme une nécessaire confrontation à la lumière qui nous permet de plonger notre regard sur l'indicible.