Who are we? What are we here for?

Dernière mise à jour : 22 nov. 2018

Knitted in a womb with intricacies beyond reason

Loved and known before seeing the light of day

Adopted by the one who created and is the way

Welcomed into a family across time and location

An image-bearer, created, and constantly transformed

A member part of a greater whole: they call it body,

the resurrected people together in community

Our nature being recapitulated, we are now vivified

Who are we? What are we here for?

To reflect the One Creator, and to grow in his likeness

To point to beauty and goodness and cultivate them

To seek the welfare of the city and to become anchored,

growing roots in him to bring about lightness

To love without condition, without boarders,

To be instrument of peace and compassion

Reviving ashes, dressing wounds, alleviating fevers

Indeed, participating in the very grace of the incarnation

NDLR: Ce poème réfléchit autour des questions "Qui sommes-nous? Pourquoi existons-nous?" Il esquisse une description de ce que cela veut dire d'être la communauté du Ressuscité...